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148 Free photos about Biksu

Hospice, Monk And Patient, Theravada Buddhism, Caring
Buddhist Temple Complex Thailand, Buddha, Buddhism
Laser Buddha Mountain, Buddhist Temple Complex Thailand
Theravada Monk, Buddhism, Religious, Spirituality, Monk
Theravada Buddhism, Theravada Monks, Saṅgha, Religion
Theravada Buddhism, Theravada Monk, Buddhist, Bhikkhu
Theravada Buddhism, Homage, Blessing, Pay Respect, Re
Theravada Buddhism, Pay Homage, Bow Down, Respect
Theravada Buddhism, Himalaya Retreat, Annapurna Range
Giving, Offering, Dana, Give, Offering Requisite
Giving, Offering Requisite, Dana, Offering To Monk
Theravada Buddhism, Monks At Tibet, Tibet
Theravada Buddhism, Monk In Bamboo Forest, Lone Monk
Theravada Buddhism, Monk In Dusk, Monk At Seaside
Theravada Buddhism, Old Smiling Monk, Old Monk, Bhikkhu
Theravada Buddhism, Monk At Beach, Beach, Peaceful
Theravada Buddhism, Monk At Mountain, Monk At Himalaya
Theravada Buddhism, Monk Beside Beach, Seaside, Beach
Theravada Buddhism, Monk At Bamboo Forest
Theravada Buddhism, Monk At Nature, Meditation
Theravada Buddhism, Monk In Desert, Walking In Dessert
Master Hsing Yun, Buddhism, Eminent Monk, Puja
Lama, Tibet, Vicissitudes, Old Monk, China, Man, Human
Myanmar Monks, Shwedagon, Rangoon, Golden Pagoda
Meditate, Theravada Buddhism, Monk, Meditating Monk
Monk, Burma, Friends
Monk, Religion, Buddhism, Peace, East, Offering
Stone, Novice, Buddhism, Tea, Monastery, Carving
Mountain Lake, Eiger, A Virgin Monk, View, Alpine
Cat, Tiger, Tigerle, Stripes, Trouble, Tired, Big Cat
Sunset, Xiao, Buddhist Monk
Arnie, Monks, Turning The Wheel, Tibetan Buddhism
Monk Kids, Small Lama, Monastery, Religious, Asia
Monk Kids, Small Lama, Monastery, Religious, Asia, Bu
Small Monk, Monastery, Single Monk, Religious, Asia
Sea Green, Yellow, Monks, Monk, Han Pass, Buddhism
Chanting, By The Book, Han Pass, Buddhism
Constant-mass Division, Zheng Guanyin Temple, Monks
Buddhism, Monks, Monk, Monastery, Han Pass
Monk, Monks, Chanting, Zheng Guanyin Temple, Buddhism
Somdej Toh Prom Radiation, Somdej Toh, Thai Monks
Monk Pepper, Agnus Castus, Medicinal Herb
Monk Pepper, Agnus Castus, Medicinal Herb
Novice Monk, Stone Carving, Buddhism
Pavia, Chartreuse, Accommodation Monks
Sky, Cloud, Blue, Summer, Monk, Buddha Statue, Buddha
Follicles, Seed Capsules, Fruits, Monkshood, Flower
Monkshood, Follicles, Seed Capsules, Fruits, Flower
Monkshood, Flowers, Blue, Aconitum Napellus
Monks, Church, Chapel, History, Showplace, Prayer
Monks, Nature, Landscape, Mountains, Travel, Old Orhei
Buddhist Monk, Thailand, Bell
Bhutan, Travel, Buddhism, Buddhist, Journey, Adventure
Monk's Cap, Mushroom, Autumn, Forest Floor
Mushroom, Mushroom Group, Monk's Cap, Lamellar
Stained Glass Window, Dominicans, Monk, Glass
Cambodia, Monk, Angkor Wat, Asia, Ankhor, Religion
Cat, Animal, Mammal, Portrait, Pet, Nature, Fur, Cute
Cat, Animal, Cute, Pet, Portrait, Mammal, Fur, Kitten
Cute, Animal, Cat, Mammal, Pet, Portrait, Nature, Fur
Monk, Buddhist, Buddhism, Male, Temple, Asian, Faith
Animal, Cute, Cat, Mammal, Portrait
Cute, Animal, Cat, Pet, Mammal, Portrait, Fur, Small
Animal, Cat, Cute, Mammal, Pet, Portrait, Fur, Kitten
Tree, Grass, Lawn, Park, Outdoors, Buddhist Monk
Water, Travel, Summer, Sea, Beach, Relaxation
Religion, People, Travel, Worship, Religious, Prayer
Waters, Tourism, Coast, Beach, Sea, Leisure, People
Water, Sea, Travel, Seashore, Beach, Lang Tengah Island
The Certosa Di Padula, Campania, Salvatore Monetti
Buddhism, Budah, Temple, Sculpture, Statue, Prayer
Meditation, Spirituality, Buddhism, Tranquility, Buddha
Night, Candles, Monk,, Caterpillar, Butterfly
文殊师利菩萨, Buddha, Buddhism, Zen Ring
Meditation, Fire Monk, Lamp, Gold, Storage, Metaphysics
Caterpillar, Dovetail, Orange, Black, Farbenpracht
Caterpillar, Dovetail, Orange, Black
Caterpillar, Cos-monk, Cucullia Lactucae, Blossom
Monk, Molding, Molded Figure
Monk Pepper, Ornamental Shrub, Spice, Medicinal Plant
Laos, Luang Prabang, Monk Alms, Ceremony, Traditional
Buddhist, Buddhism, Priest, Orange, Religion
Stairs, Stone, Carved, Rock, Castle, Monk, Dwelling
Buddhist Holy Day, Monk, Buddhism, Holy Thing, Religion
Buddhist Holy Day, Monk, Buddhism, Holy Thing, Religion
Gravel, Merit, Offer Food To Monks
Baby Monk, Meditation, Home, Buddhism
Monk, Monks, Walk, Fir Forest, Odaesan, Winter
Martin Luther, Germany, Reformation, Protestant, Bible
Martin Luther, Germany, Reformation, Protestant
Martin Luther, Germany, Reformation, Protestant, Bible
Birds, Taiwan Intends To Peck Wood, Colored Birds
Buddhist, Temple, Pagoda, Prayer, Monk, Wat, Book
Monk Monument, Statue, Sculpture, Man, Figure
Monk, Little Monk, Buddha, Pagoda, 3 Children, Child
Monk, Little Monk, Buddha, Knowledge, Reading Books
Vulture, Monk Head Vulture, Aasvogel, Bird, Plumage
Monk, Sweet, Snacking, Dessert, Food, Sugar, Snack
Tibetan Monk, Mobility, Communicate, Man, Technology
Japan, Japanese Literature, Book, Used Books
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148 Free photos