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Block And Tackle, Machine, Moving Of Loads, Static Rope
Block And Tackle, Machine, Moving Of Loads, Static Rope
Roll, Single Drum Roller, Rolling Machine, Road Roller
Role, Turn, Motor, Transmission, Technology, Technical
Pasta, Making Pasta, Food, Cooking, Flour, Chef, Fresh
Ship, Machines, Ropes, Role, Dew, Technology
Sew, Clothcraft, Hand Labor, Bobbin, Haberdashery
Color, Cloth, Straightening Machine, Rolling Mill, Rail
Baukran, Crane, Site, Technology, Sky
Roll, Farm, Tool, Machine, Harvest, Vehicle, Work
Machine, Tractors, Tractor, Agricultural Machine
Child Labour, Cambodia, Site, Child, Toys, Children
Roll, Road Roller, Old, Work Machine, Compaction
Transport System, Travel, Motor, Vehicle, Aircraft, Sky
Fendt, Fendt Favorit 824, Crown, Tractor, Machine
Claas, Wage Operating, Fokke Meyer
Harvester, Straw Harvest, New Holland Tx66
Wage Operating, Fokke Meyer, Agriculture
Combine Harvester, New Holland, Farm, Harvest, Nature
Road Roller, Old, Ailing, Rusty, Metal, Weathered
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