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25 Free photos about The Bodhisattva

Art, Bronze, Cast, Gilded, Asia, Guanyin, China, Hands
China, Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Buddhism, Faith, Religion
Vajrasattva, Bodhisattva, Esoteric, Right Hand, Vajra
Art, Bronze, Cast, Asia, Guanyin, Guānshiyīn, China
Guanyin Bodhisattva, Goddess Of Mercy, Buddi, Buddhist
Ksitigarbha, Buddhism, Buddha, Bodhisattva
Bodhisattva, Buddhism, Buddha, Warranty Corp
Bodhisattva, Water, Dragon, Japan, Waterfall
Mila Repa, Buddha, Bodhisattva, Esoteric, Right Hand
Laughing Buddha, Buddha, Buddhist, Religion, Statue
Buddha, Monastery, Bodhisattva, Tibetan, Religious
China Wind, Buddha, Buddhism, Statues, Stone Art
Chinese Antiquity, Buddhism, Buddha, Statues
Buddhism, The Bodhisattva, Stone, Carving, Art
Cambodia, Pagoda, Asia, Temple, Travel, Khmer, Ancient
Guanyin, The Bodhisattva, Buddhism
Guanyin, The Bodhisattva, Buddhism
A, People, Sculpture, Statue, Portrait, The Bodhisattva
Naksansa, Guan Yin, Buddha, Bodhisattva
Flags, Buddhism, Dharma, Bodhisattva, Spirituality
German Mom, Buddha, Statue, Bodhisattva
Bodhisattva, Buddhism, Buddha, Religion, Spirituality
Bodhisattva, Buddhism, Buddha, Religion, Spirituality
Pagoda, Statue, Bodhisattva, Da Nang, Vietnam
Guanyin, Buddhism, Hong Kong, Bodhisattva
25 Free photos