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3,488 Free photos about Buddhism

Frescoes, Religion, People, Spirituality, The Art Of
Sculpture, Gautama Buddha, Statue, Religion, Buddhism
Man, Outdoors, Nature, People, Summer, Landscape, Young
Architecture, Cultural, History, Religion, Temple, Sour
Religion, Buddha, The Art Of, Spirituality, Faith
Temple, Buddha, Vietnam, Architecture, Buddhism
Buddha, Temple, Sculpture, Religion, Travel, On
Flame, Burnt, Burn, Job, Candle, Hot, Dark, Candles
Thailand, Boot, Beach, Blue, Sea, Water, Ship, Ocean
Religion, Art, God, Spirituality, Church
Many, Lotus, Vegetation, Water, Pond, Aquatic Plants
Architecture, Temple, Church, Cult, Travel, Building
Wood, Tree, Nature, Outdoors, Monk, Buddha, Religion
People, Religion, Adult, Monk, Group, Buddha, Travel
Religion, Buddha, Temple, Spirituality, Monk, Prayer
Buddhism, Buddha, Monastery, Architecture, Religion
Buddhism, Buddha, Religion, Door, Temple, Architecture
Buddha, Religion, Statue, Buddhism, Spirituality
Cylinders, Religion, Indu, Buddhism, Buddha
Bronze, Outdoors, Monument, Sculpture, Cult, Indu
Flower, Temple, Faith, Buddhism
Smoke, Incense, Buddhism, Temple, Travel, Religion
People, Adult, Portrait, Woman, Religion, Outdoors
Religion, People, Outdoors, Travel, City
Flame, Outdoors, Travel, City, Wood, Reflection
People, Outdoors, Woman, Religion, Monk, Buddha, Travel
Byodo-in Temple, Valley Of The Temples, O'ahu, Hawai'i
Religion, Buddha, Sculpture, Statue, Spirituality
Sunset, Sky, Outdoors, Dusk, Travel, Dawn, Evening
Water, Travel, Summer, Sea, Beach, Relaxation
Vines, Grass, Rocks, Marble, Mold, Clay, Fashioned
Sculpture, Statue, Face, Religion, Head, Asia, Buddhism
Wat Hong Thong, Thailand Temple, Measure, Buddhism
Flowers, Plants, Lily, Leaf, Lotus, Buddhism, Pond
Flowers, Plants, Lily, Leaf, Lotus, Buddhism, Pond
Buddha, Religion, Background, Close, Meditation
Buddha, Statue, Sculpture, Religion, Meditation, Faith
Buddha, Buddhism, Religion, Meditation, Spiritual
Snow, Buddha, Winter, Cold, Zen, Statue, Meditation
Religion, People, Travel, Worship, Religious, Prayer
Buddha, Buddhism, Religion, Statue
Stone, Nature, Buddhism, Religious
Tourism, Street, City, The Level Of, Small Town
Waters, Tourism, Coast, Beach, Sea, Leisure, People
Golden, Buddha, Ornament, Statue, Sculpture, Religion
Temple, Wat, Buddha, Religion, Wat Pho, Thailand
Religion, Budda, Buddhism, Temple, Asia, China
Religion, Art, Golden, Ornament, Buddha, Buddhism
Architecture, Wood, Building, Old, Sky, Temple, Travel
Wat Pho, Architecture, Religion, Travel, Old
Sculpture, Golden, Religion, Buddha, Statue, Temple
Buddha, Buddhism, Statue, Gold, Sculpture, Religion
Sky, Travel, Buddha, Temple, Religion, Wat Pho
Architecture, Religion, Wat Pho, Temple, Thailand
Wat Pho, Travel, Sky, Building, Temple, Tourism
Buddha, Religion, Spirituality, Wat Pho, Golden, Temple
Wat Pho, Temple, Temple Complex, Thailand, Buddha
Buddha, Statue, Sculpture, Temple, Religion, Protectors
Religion, Art, Temple, Wat, Protectors, Temple Complex
Buddhism, Protectors, Wat, Temple Complex, Monastery
Stupa, Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand
Ornament, Golden, Religion, Buddha, Buddhism, Gold
Golden, Ornament, Statue, Sculpture, Buddha, Buddhism
Art, Sculpture, Statue, Buddhism, Protectors, Stone
Sculpture, Statue, Nature, Travel, Animal, Wat
Buddha, Buddhism, Thailand, Bangkok, Buddha Head
Golden, Buddha, Wat, Temple, Ornament, Religion, Statue
Buddhism, Meditation, Fernöstlich, Religion, Temple
Myanmar, Burma, Temple, Asia, Travel, Old, Bagan
Temple, Buddha, Grand Palace, Gold, Thailand, Buddhism
Wat Arun, Bangkok, Buddhism, Stupa, Temple, Thailand
Buddha, Temple, Wat, Pagoda, Religion, Stupa, Buddhism
Buddha, Wat, Pagoda, Temple, Stupa, Religion, Golden
Level, Architecture, Travel, Sky, Wat Arun, Bangkok
Sunset, Dusk, Water, Sun, Beach, Monk
Art, Religion, Painting, Mural, Believe, Temple, Wat
Architecture, City, Building, Tower, Travel, Sky
Temple, Architecture, Buddha, Wat, Religion, Stupa
Sculpture, Statue, Art, Travel, Religion, Warrior
Incense, Incense Sticks, Prayers, Religion, Chinese
Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand, Golden Sky, Temple
Natural, Landscape, Forest, Grass, Wood, Religion
Art, Nature, Religion, Background, Buddhism, Meditation
Buddha, Sculpture, Borobudur, Statue, Religion, Temple
Buddha, Borobudur, Temple, Religion, Travel, Sculpture
Sculpture, Borobudur, Ancient, Religion, Temple, Asia
Ritual, Theravada Buddhism, Buddhist, Traditional
Sculpture, Statue, Art, Elephant, Stone, Religion
Water, Sunset, Sea, Sky, Ocean, Dusk, Monk
Temple, Travel, Architecture, Old, Culture, Traditional
Temple, Travel, Pagoda, Architecture, Old, Buddha
Gold, Gold Leaf, Gilded, Golden, Buddha, Bu
Jogyesa, Buddhism, Seoul, Korea, Lantern, Lanterns
Jogyesa, Buddhism, Seoul, Korea, Lantern, Lanterns
Buddha Statue, Measure, Faith, Religion, Thailand
Water, Sea, Travel, Seashore, Beach, Lang Tengah Island
Jogyesa, Buddhism, Seoul, Korea, Lantern, Lanterns
Decoration, Art, Costume, Traditional, Culture
Mask, Costume, Decoration, Celebration, Festival
Buddha, Buddhism, Stone Figure, Asia
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