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Figure, Statue, Maria, Pietà, Female, Madonna
Sun, Carving, Woodcut, Gold
Frog Prince, Fairy Tales, Sculpture, Stone, Fountain
Figure, Shepherd, Grabschmuck, Religion, Religious
Sculpture, Statue, Hermes, Messenger Of Gods, Monument
Background, Isolated, Nature, Old, Stone, Antiquity
Owl, Eagle Owl, Holzfigur, Wood Owl, Owl With Child
Eichkatz, Squirrel, Holzfigur, Figure, Wood, Animal
People, Celebration, Crowd, Deer Dance, The Carved
Sculpture, Statue, Female, Woman, Art, Antiquity
New Zealand, Rotorua, Te Puia, Maori, Art, Carve
Sculpture, Holzfigur, Man, Jupp, Cap, Sitting, Male
Snowboard, Professional, Carving, Faschina, Austria
Snowboard, Professional, Carving, Faschina, Austria
Sculpture, Holzfigur, Africa, Shaman, Medicine Man
Figure, Statue, Madonna, Golden, Female, Maria
Bird, Wooden, Carved, Painted, On The Outside Of The
Heart, Initials, Carved, Bark, Tree, Trunk, Symbol
Furniture, Chair, Indoors, Seat, Table, Luxury
Castle, Summit Castle, Places Of Interest, Fixing, Well
Castle, Summit Castle, Rock, Places Of Interest, Fixing
Carving, Wood, Figure, Holzfigur, Arts Crafts
Holzfigur, Totem, Ethnic, Art, Carved, Wood, Decoration
Hand, Finger, Wood Hand, Sculpture, Art
Tomato, Tomato Carving, Carving, Trusses, Food, Frisch
Assumption, Monastery, Of The, Cave, Crimea
Art, Wood, Figure, Snow Man, Arts Crafts, Face, Artwork
Hand, Finger, Wood Hand, Sculpture, Art
Grave, Cemetery, Tombstone, Old, Burial Ground, Tomb
Grave, Tomb, Cemetery, Last Calm, Rock Carving, Old
Statue, Cemetery, Grave, Grave Stones, Sculpture, Stone
Statue, Face, Sculpture, Head, Woman, Figure, Stone
Sky, Sculpture, Statue, Religion, Spirituality, Cross
Statue, Cemetery, Grave, Grave Stones, Sculpture, Stone
Statue, Cemetery, Grave, Grave Stones, Sculpture, Stone
Chapel, Facade, Stone Wall, Rock Carving, Old, Building
Tombstone, Cemetery, Dead, Funeral, Art, Steinmetz
Stone, Carving, Ancient, History, Granite
Snake, Sculpture, Stone, Carving, Symbol, Decoration
Relief, Cemetery, Grave, Ornament, Art, Tomb, Stone
Boy, Child, Statue, Swimming, Water, Spring, Fountain
Ornament, Pattern, Art, Traditionally, Buddha
Statue, Sculpture, Religion, Art, Spirituality, Buddha
Sculpture, Art, Statue, Religion, Antiquity, Travel
Pattern, Art, Ornament, Texture, Style, Floral, Golden
Human, Costume, Celebration, Mask, Panel, Portrait
Human, Adult, Clown, Harlequin, Fool, Schalk, Fasnet
Mask, Face, Art, Masquerade, Devil, Carnival
Stone, Model, Ancient, Texture, The Art Of, Theme
Pumpkin, Halloween, Lantern, Thanksgiving, Autumn
A, People, Sculpture, Statue, Portrait, The Bodhisattva
Statue, Sculpture, Travel, Munich City, Bavaria
Buddha, Wooden, Religion, Travel, Portrait
Veit-stoß-altar, Marie Altar, Linden Wood Carvings
Sphinx, Stone, Travel, Nature, Sky, Stone Figure, Stony
Adler, Holzfigur, Figure, Wood, Bird, Decoration
Figure, Statue, Madonna, Historically, Female, Maria
House, Wood, Architecture, Door, Rustic
Sculpture, Statue, Nepomuk, Holy, Bridge Saint
Figure, Statue, Madonna, Historically, Female, Maria
Grapes, Cluster, Bas-relief, Sculpture, Carved Stone
Foot, Ten, Wooden Base, Sculpture, Art, Park Decoration
Stralsund, Nikolai Church, Main Portal
Human, Culture, Road, Portrait, Adult
Portrait, Human, A, Fashion, Adult, Hairstyle, Hair
Human, Portrait, Fools Jump, Fools Guild, Friendly
Water, Melons, Display, Carved, Flower, Ripe, Food
Wood, Nature, Travel, Daylight, Park, Old, Timber
Sculpture, Face, Holzfigur, Man, Male, Wood Carving
Water, Melons, Yellow, Display, Carved, Flower, Ripe
Red, Indian, Religion, Temple, Sculpture, The Statue
Indian, Hanuman, Travel, Sculpture, The Statue, Temple
Buddha, Meditation, Zen, Religion, Spirituality, Temple
Travel, Tourism, Architecture, Temple, Sky, Tourist
Buddha, Wat, Temple, Religion, Spirituality
Religion, Buddha, Temple, Statue, Spirituality, Art
Religion, Art, Temple, Culture, Spirituality, Religious
Stone Carvings, Clouds, Stone, Culture
Statue, Stone Statue, Sculpture, Rock Carving, Figure
Travel, Temple, Architecture, Sculpture, Culture
Buddha, Religion, Temple, Art, Spirituality, Ornament
Human, Travel, Architecture, Religion, Building
Pattern, Background, Texture, Wallpaper, Textiles
Architecture, Within, Travel, Ornament, Luxury, Golden
The Art Of, Culture, People, Color, Religion, Artistic
Bear, Holzfigur, Figure, Wood, Animal, Decoration
Temple, Religion, Statue, Golden, Travel, Sculpture
Sculpture, Holzfigur, Man, African, Male, Wood Carving
Sculpture, Holzfigur, Man, Totem, Mythology, Male
Background, Texture, Pattern, Color, Many, Nature
Temple, Ornament, Travel, Architecture, Floral, Golden
Temple, Travel, Religion, Buddha, Art, Wat
Statue, Holy, Figure, Religion, Sculpture, Stone Figure
Temple, Ornament, Golden, Religion, Culture, Art
Easter Decoration, Easter, Hare, Bark, Carved
Easter Decoration, Easter, Hare, Holzfigur
Easter Decoration, Easter, Hare, Holzfigur
Temple, Travel, Culture, Art, Palace, Buddha, Ornament
Flower, Floral, Box Set, Treasure, Box, Mint, Carved
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2,688 Free photos